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About Royal Lepage Kelowna

It all stems from our dedication to your growth and development. There’s no wonder our realtors are more successful. This system is the foundation for providing the ultimate in service for our clients. These are just some of the many reasons that more and more realtors are taking their careers to the pinnacle of success by joining Royal Lepage Kelowna.

Success Stories
The management team is an incredible support system for our team. Also having the backing of the Royal LePage brand gives us the opportunity for quality walk ins to pick up new clients.
Crista MacDermott
Royal LePage Kelowna
Brokers, Management and Support Team at Royal Lepage Kelowna are the BEST! It is a real pleasure working such great people!

The working environment, training and support is no doubt the best in the industry.

Keep the Momentum!

Don Gagnon
Royal LePage Kelowna
RLP Kelowna in my opinion is the best company to work for in the country. The non-competing brokers work tirelessly to maintain a spirit of cooperation and provide cutting edge tools and technology for their agents. There is constant training on ongoing basis. The support staff are very helpful and friendly. The office is a very professional environment to meet your clients. I would highly recommend RLP Kelowna to anyone thinking of joining.
Greg Clarke
Royal LePage Kelowna
There are many things I really appreciate about RLP Kelowna. One of the things I like best is the energy that the management team has to help each agent in their personal and professional development.  They provide a wealth of resources, are always ready to help and are continually looking for ways to improve.... Lots more I could say... Great place to be a realtor
Jim Riemer
Royal LePage Kelowna
In your time of need, our brokers stand beside you with vast experience, unsurpassed knowledge and top notch professionalism.
Joel Lewis
Royal LePage West Kelowna
Francis Braam and Wade Webb embrace diversity in Royal LePage Kelowna and are responsive to the personalities, lifestyles and passions of our Realtors.  The amazing leadership team at this company encourages me to live my dreams, serve my community and raise my family while also offering me the fantastic support and leading edge business tools I need to continue to be a top producer!
Petrina Koltun
Royal LePage Kelowna
I have worked for five real estate companies over a 34 year career as a realtor.  The last 11 years with Royal LePage Kelowna have been the most productive and enjoyable years to date.  Wade and Francis run a first-class operation and as agents, we all know that management "has our back".  The professional support and encouragement from everyone in management AND support services makes my job a lot easier and RLK is a pleasant place to come to work.  The real estate industry has changed dramatically since I entered in 1980, but professional courtesy, mentorship, a friendly attitude and mutual respect will never go out of style.  The only thing that would get me to leave this company is a bomb threat!
Dave Williams
"Company Culture" at Royal LePage. An instant embrace of Agent friendliness-a House built on professional support and 4  Brokers who care and go the extra distance.
Staccie Bracken-Horrocks
Royal LePage Kelowna
I have so many reasons to be thankful for here at Royal Lepage Kelowna,..too many to mention!  I am proud to be a part of such a historically respected and industry leading Canadian company. I am also thankful for our motivating and hardworking brokers that are always available to better us as a company, as agents, and live a more fulfilling life as people. It has been a pleasure from the start.
Amanda Verkerk
Royal LePage Kelowna
I joined Royal LePage Kelowna 3 months ago and my experience here thus far has been wonderful.   I am much more confident in my day to day business dealings because of the wonderful support of the Brokerage, Managers and Support Staff.   The help that I have received so far has far exceeded the support that I have ever received at other Brokerages in the last 5 years. I know that had I started at Royal LePage 5 years ago I would have been a much more successful Real Estate Agent,  and I am confident that I will be earning more  in the year to come because of Royal LePage Kelowna.  A Happy Realtor at last!!!
Ilse Winzer
Royal LePage Kelowna
Here is what I would like to say. As a new Real Estate Agent, I  choose Royal Lepage Kelowna based on their good reputation, the support and coaching they offer. For me, those elements are crucial to succeed in that career. I am honored to be part of this exceptional brokers team. Thanks for your help!
Christine Cloutier
Royal LePage Kelowna
Management has always be supportive, consistent, and accessible which is extremely important as “time is of the essence” in this business. And we have amazing admin staff making our job as a realtor so much easier...they even help us stay organized!!
Lee Ivans
Royal LePage Kelowna
I was looking for a good solid company that would take the time required to train and mentor me properly. RoyalLepage Kelowna/West Kelowna has surpassed my expectations. There a great bunch.... Thanks for all your help!
Rick Poirier
Royal LePage West Kelowna
Why I joined A.E. Lepage in 1982 was the People, Management, Support Staff.  Great Training prior to being obtaining licence and training kept going after getting  licence!  The reasons remain the same today!  We have the Best culture in the Okanagan.  Honesty & Integrity still are #1 in my eyes and we are- Thank You All !
Norma Jean Sayers
Royal LePage Kelowna
Wade and Francis have been there for me since I started 6 years ago. Whether it be for help with a contract, teaching new technologies, or just a little motivation to keep me on track, I always know I can rely on them. I would strongly recommend Royal LePage Kelowna to both new agents or experienced agents.  
Rob Dion, BBA
Royal LePage Kelowna
Joining RLP has assisted me in achieving my goals & more!  Great training, great fellow Realtors, & best of all wonderful Brokers! Thanks.
Leesa Fournier
Royal LePage West Kelowna
Working with Royal LePage has given me the ability to present my business as a professional and widely accepted brand.  The tools and training that go hand in hand with Royal LePage has simplified the process of building a successful business.
Barb van Steenoven
Royal LePage Kelowna
When I began my journey into the world of real estate a little over a year ago, I had no idea what to expect or where to even start. Even before I wrote my exam Royal LePage was a fantastic support system. Offering weekly tutorial sessions on each chapter of the course, with fantastic guest trainers, they were very hands on with ensuring I was given the tools to succeed and the confidence. 
Fast forward one year, and I can single handedly say my success in the past year can be directly contributed back to the amazing mentorship and training opportunities Royal LePage has offered me. 
They personally make it their goal to give you all the support necessary to thrive and achieve your professional goals, at the same time stressing the importance of always keeping balance with your personal life. I genuinely feel like I belong to an amazing family, and look forward to a very long lasting and successful career with Royal LePage. 
Kim Holmes
I appreciate the friendly, professional, staff that is referred to as the "front end and support groups" along with 99% of the REALTORS®. The support is undeniably the best I have received in my almost three decade tenure. Keeping us professional... It`s easy to slide and not sweat the little things but they will always add up to big bad things if someone isn`t on top of them. Thanks for continuing to demand these standards.
Terry Albrecht
This organization has enabled me to become a top producer very quickly. I ve been in the business now for about 5 years and the support, training and resources have been there. It allows me to go through my business everyday with the confidence to know that I can sell real estate, that I can prospect and look after my clients properly and provide professional service. There is a competitive atmosphere here that is good, it helps you grow. Not combative environment it`s a great place!
Keith Bagley
We have a great "culture" - the people I work with aren`t just colleagues, they`re friends. The whole organization, from the top down is warm, friendly & inclusive - we embrace each other`s differences and genuinely celebrate each other`s achievements. Our company puts a great ideal of emphasis on continuing education/training/learning. It fosters an environment that helps me to be the best I can in my industry. The management team understands a symbiotic relationship whereby both of us win if they help me to be better. They put ethics ahead of profits. RLK is a company that actually "screens" its new hires - we aren`t a "puppy mill" like so many companies that will accept anyone who`s willing to pay fees. Our company`s approach to education proves that they don`t just want contracts written, they want GOOD contracts that protect the interests of our clients, written. Additionally, the support staff at RLK do just that - provide effective, meaningful support to the realtors, allowing us to do our jobs without worrying about the non-revenue producing but important tasks.
Chris Docksteader

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