At Royal Lepage Kelowna, we are committed to transferring skill-sets to agents THROUGHOUT their real estate career.

Our number one commitment is to deliver relevant training that provides strategies, tactics, systems, and skill-building to support you, the agent, in the growth of your business. You are invited to sign-up and attend our training courses and get a “real-life” experience of how we support agents with their real estate career.

Whether you are an experienced associate, a newly licensed associate, taking the real estate course or just thinking about a career in real estate – this is for you. You will learn what it takes to become successful in real estate sales from associates who have actually done it. Ask any questions that you may have and we will answer truthfully and with candor.


Tutorial Sessions

These live in-house lectures are designed to assist you in reaching your goal of getting your real estate license in a 120 day period. Each week covers a chapter of the Real Estate Trading Services Course Book and is taught by a professional in that field. Sessions occur Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings from 5-7 pm at our Kelowna Office Training Room.

Support for Component Two of the Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course

Support is available by request for Component 2 of the Applied Practice Course. This course is a requirement of your licensing and is designed to provide practical training in real estate to new licensees. Administered by RECBC, for more information on this course, please visit their website.


QuickStart Training Program:

Our FREE 3 Day Kick Start to real estate program, covers everything you need to know for your first few weeks of being a REALTOR®.

During this course you will meet our administration team, marketing department and management team. We will go over contracts in detail, best practices to build your sphere and market yourself, as well as, how to set your business up for success.

StarTrak - On Demand Course

In this self-paced course you will cover how to systemize your inventory, work with buyers and sellers, techniques to handle objections and time management skills.

Inhouse Coaching Program

All agents working with Royal LePage Kelowna have the opportunity for coaching with our management team. Once you have joined the office, our administrative assistant will contact you.


Floyd Wickman’s Real Estate Kick Start Program

How to get started (or restarted) in real estate. This in-house 7 week program designed by real estate guru, Floyd Wickman is known to get guaranteed results.  Feel confident and natural working a system to increase your production. Techniques and dialogues will be covered and long-term strategies provided to build a powerful business with resale value.

Leaders Edge Training

In-house live and video training designed by industry leader, Chris Leader, covers all the leading edge skills in the real estate profession. Master the sales psychology, lead generation, marketing strategies and listing/pricing presentations needed to earn more money and have a better balance in life.


Breakthrough By Design

How does 3 transactions in 10 weeks sound? Tom Ferry’s Breakthrough by Design course provides short term, proven, actionable items on a weekly basis, allowing you to create habits and a massive breakthrough in your real estate business. You will cover; goal setting, organization, mindset and goal achievement strategies.

Real Estate Rocks by David Knox

This 10 week program combines in-house live training with video training from industry leader, David Knox covering advanced and experienced agent training.

Buffini & Company - The Pathway to Mastery

Developed by Brian Buffini, this 8 week course you'll learn; the 5 different "buyer types" and best practices for working with each, critical dialog and tactics for "selling to a seller.", 7 essential negotiation skills and how to master them, how to build a database of advocates that send you a steady stream of quality leads.

Richard Robbins - Masters Formula

Learn to build a fun, predictable and highly profitable business that will out perform in any market condition. This 10 week course targets 3 crucial challenges faced today; Leads, Value and Change.

Impact Initiative

A 7 week coaching program with Master Trainers: Williams and Thompson. No cost to our agents, paid for by Royal LePage Kelowna.

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