Should I stay or should I go?

Do you have the support you need to grow a thriving real estate business?

After earning your real estate license, you were filled with a sense of purpose and excitement. You carefully chose a brokerage and put your best efforts forward. You knew that building a real estate career would be a challenge, and even with a promising start, you are somehow left feeling:

  • Frustrated by a lack of consistent achievement,
  • Stuck by not knowing where to productively focus your energy, and
  • Unsure of your next steps and who to go to for the help you need.

If this resonates with your experience, you are not alone. Many successful real estate professionals struggle early in their career. Many more sadly, leave the industry altogether. 

We want to help you reignite your passion for real estate and achieve the goals that you set for yourself. We've created a Playbook to Accelerate Your Career to help you aim higher and reignite your passion for real estate sales.

What you’ll learn inside our Playbook to Accelerate Your Real Estate Career:

How to aim higher

Identify what you are lacking to access the support you need and optimize the support you are already getting.

How the right support will grow your business

Learn how your broker, your peer network, a coach or mentor can add value to your business and grow your production. 

How to get the support you need

Discover how you can access people and resources and learn about some alternative options designed to accelerate your career.

You don’t need to feel frustrated, stuck and unsure in your real estate career. Royal LePage offers a place to nurture and grow your business through a strong culture and a supportive community that celebrates your successes so you can continue to develop. This is why 19,000 real estate sales professionals are already a part of the Royal LePage family.

Download our Playbook to Accelerate Your Real Estate Career and talk to your local broker to learn more about growing your business with Royal LePage.

Is your real estate career not working out the way you planned? 

We can help!

Your real estate career and your passion for it may be limited in the absence of a good cultural fit, a supportive community and the recognition you deserve. 

At Royal LePage, we provide you with the environment you need to grow strong and thrive throughout your career.

Culture of collaboration

Helping you is what we do™. It’s not just our slogan, it’s our way of being. Royal LePage attracts professionals who share a mindset that fosters collective achievement as well as individual success. It helps you to aim higher and achieve those goals. If you have a business challenge or need advice from your peers, simply post your question on one of our social media groups and watch as vital intelligence pours in from across the country.

Our culture has encouraged even more collaboration, created more friendships, answered tough questions, and of course, increased the number of agent referrals!

Community of peers

Networking is a cornerstone of building a thriving real estate business. Our inclusive culture is the springboard for building a community that unites around events, charitable causes and even your unique business challenges.

Sales rallies, training workshops, award galas, and business-building conferences offer Royal LePagers a chance to get to know each other better, hear from experts and each other, gain fresh insights and leverage new peer-proven tactics.

United for a cause

The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation is Canada’s largest public foundation devoted exclusively to funding women’s shelters and violence prevention programs, supporting over 50,000 women and children fleeing domestic abuse annually. Over $35 million has been raised since 1998 through commission donations and popular fundraising events. Royal LePage underwrites the cost of operations so that 100% of all funds raised benefit women and children. We care deeply about the communities where you live and work.

Celebrating your success

It’s no secret that recognition is a tremendous motivator. When you feel valued for your hard work and accomplishments, you are compelled to achieve more. 

Our robust Awards and Recognition program uses innovative technology to help you track your award goals throughout the year, inspiring your continuous progress. Regional Awards Galas formally recognize your hard work and celebrate success while providing a fabulous networking opportunity among your notable peers. Royal LePage has also designed several ways for you to showcase your achievements to clients and colleagues alike.

Tap into your potential with simple strategies and get the support you need to aim higher.

Sign up to download our Playbook to Accelerate Your Real Estate Career. A local broker will reach out to help you learn more about growing your business with Royal LePage.

Should I Stay or Go - Playbook

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